Author: Massoud Pedram    
Paper Titile Authors Year
Modeling processor idle times in MPSoC platforms to enable integrated DPM, DVFS, and task scheduling subject to a hard deadline Amirhossein Esmaili, Mahdi Nazemi, Massoud Pedram 2019
Energy-efficient, low-latency realization of neural networks through boolean logic minimization Mahdi Nazemi, Ghasem Pasandi, Massoud Pedram 2019
Design of multiple fanout clock distribution network for rapid single flux quantum technology Naveen Katam, Alireza Shafaei, Massoud Pedram 2017
Optimal co-scheduling of HVAC control and battery management for energy-efficient buildings considering state-of-health degradation Tiansong Cui, Shuang Chen, Yanzhi Wang, Qi Zhu, Shahin Nazarian, MassoudPedram 2016
Negotiation-based task scheduling and storage control algorithm to minimize user's electric bills under dynamic prices Ji Li, Yanzhi Wang, Xue Lin, Shahin Nazarian, Massoud Pedram 2015
A cross-layer framework for designing and optimizing deeply-scaled FinFET-based SRAM cells under process variations Alireza Shafaei, Shuang Chen, Yanzhi Wang, Massoud Pedram 2015
Semi-analytical current source modeling of FinFET devices operating in near/sub-threshold regime with independent gate control and considering process variation Tiansong Cui, Yanzhi Wang, Xue Lin, Shahin Nazarian, Massoud Pedram 2014
Qubit placement to minimize communication overhead in 2D quantum architectures Alireza Shafaei, Mehdi Saeedi, Massoud Pedram 2014
Online estimation of the remaining energy capacity in mobile systems considering system-wide power consumption and battery characteristics Donghwa Shin, Kitae Kim, Naehyuck Chang, Woojoo Lee, Yanzhi Wang, Qing Xie, Massoud Pedram 2013
An efficient scheduling algorithm for multiple charge migration tasks in hybrid electrical energy storage systems Qing Xie, Di Zhu, Yanzhi Wang, Massoud Pedram, Younghyun Kim, Naehyuck Chang 2013
Maximizing return on investment of a grid-connected hybrid electrical energy storage system Di Zhu, Yanzhi Wang, Siyu Yue, Qing Xie, Massoud Pedram, Naehyuck Chang 2013
Charge replacement in hybrid electrical energy storage systems Qing Xie, Yanzhi Wang, Massoud Pedram, Younghyun Kim, Donghwa Shin, Naehyuck Chang 2012
A stochastic local hot spot alerting technique Hwisung Jung, Massoud Pedram 2008
A Current-based Method for Short Circuit Power Calculation under Noisy Input Waveforms Hanif Fatemi, Shahin Nazarian, Massoud Pedram 2007
Flow-Through-Queue based Power Management for Gigabit Ethernet Controller Hwisung Jung, Andy Hwang, Massoud Pedram 2007
Parameterized block-based non-gaussian statistical gate timing analysis Soroush Abbaspour, Hanif Fatemi, Massoud Pedram 2006
Timing-driven placement based on monotone cell ordering constraints Chanseok Hwang, Massoud Pedram 2006
CGTA: current gain-based timing analysis for logic cells Shahin Nazarian, Massoud Pedram, Tao Lin, Emre Tuncer 2006
Power-aware scheduling and dynamic voltage setting for tasks running on a hard real-time system Peng Rong, Massoud Pedram 2006
PMP: performance-driven multilevel partitioning by aggregating the preferred signal directions of I/O conduits Chanseok Hwang, Massoud Pedram 2005
Clustering techniques for coarse-grained, antifuse FPGAs Chang Woo Kang, Massoud Pedram 2005
Gate delay calculation considering the crosstalk capacitances Soroush Abbaspour, Massoud Pedram 2004
Interconnect design methods for memory design Chanseok Hwang, Massoud Pedram 2004
Technology mapping and packing for coarse-grained, anti-fuse based FPGAs Chang Woo Kang, Ali Iranli, Massoud Pedram 2004
A compressed frame buffer to reduce display power consumption in mobile systems Hojun Shim, Naehyuck Chang, Massoud Pedram 2004
Calculating the effective capacitance for the RC interconnect in VDSM technologies Soroush Abbaspour, Massoud Pedram 2003
BEAM: bus encoding based on instruction-set-aware memories Yazdan Aghaghiri, Farzan Fallah, Massoud Pedram 2003
Low power synthesis of finite state machines with mixed D and T flip-flops Ali Iranli, Peyman Rezvani, Massoud Pedram 2003
Technology mapping for low leakage power and high speed with hot-carrier effect consideration Chang Woo Kang, Massoud Pedram 2003
Software-Only Bus Encoding Techniques for an Embedded System Wei-Chung Cheng, Jian-Lin Liang, Massoud Pedram 2002
Interconnect Energy Dissipation in High-Speed ULSI Circuits Payam Heydari, Massoud Pedram 2002
Buffered Routing Tree Construction under Buffer Placement Blockages Wei Chen, Massoud Pedram, Premal Buch 2002
Post-layout timing-driven cell placement using an accurate net length model with movable Steiner points Amir H. Ajami, Massoud Pedram 2001
Low power techniques for address encoding and memory allocation Wei-Chung Cheng, Massoud Pedram 2001
Balanced truncation with spectral shaping for RLC interconnects Payam Heydari, Massoud Pedram 2001
Power optimization and management in embedded systems Massoud Pedram 2001
Analysis of power-clocked CMOS with application to the design of energy-recovery circuits Massoud Pedram, Xunwei Wu 2000
An interleaved dual-battery power supply for battery-operated electronics Qing Wu, Qinru Qiu, Massoud Pedram 2000
Low-power design of sequential circuits using a quasi-synchronous derived clock Xunwei Wu, Jian Wei, Massoud Pedram, Qing Wu 2000
Timing-Driven Bipartitioning with Replication Using Iterative Quadratic Programming Shihliang Ou, Massoud Pedram 1999
An Integrated Battery-Hardware Model for Portable Electronics Massoud Pedram, Chi-Ying Tsui, Qing Wu 1999
Model Order Reduction of Large Circuits Using Balanced Truncation Payam Rabiei, Massoud Pedram 1999
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A new description of CMOS circuits at switch-level Massoud Pedram, Xunwei Wu 1997
Statistical design of macro-models for RT-level power evaluation Qing Wu, Chih-Shun Ding, Cheng-Ta Hsieh, Massoud Pedram 1997
A note on the relationship between signal probability and switching activity Qing Wu, Massoud Pedram, Xunwei Wu 1997