Author: Martin D. F. Wong    
Paper Titile Authors Year
On coloring rectangular and diagonal grid graphs for multiple patterning lithography Daifeng Guo, Hongbo Zhang, Martin D. F. Wong 2018
A highly compressed timing macro-modeling algorithm for hierarchical and incremental timing analysis Tin-Yin Lai, Martin D. F. Wong 2018
Contact layer decomposition to enable DSA with multi-patterning technique for standard cell based layout Zigang Xiao, Chun-Xun Lin, Martin D. F. Wong, Hongbo Zhang 2016
Polynomial time optimal algorithm for stencil row planning in e-beam lithography Daifeng Guo, Yuelin Du, Martin D. F. Wong 2015
An efficient linear time triple patterning solver Haitong Tian, Hongbo Zhang, Zigang Xiao, Martin D. F. Wong 2015
Contact pitch and location prediction for Directed Self-Assembly template verification Zigang Xiao, Yuelin Du, Martin D. F. Wong, He Yi, H.-S. Philip Wong, Hongbo Zhang 2015
CNPUF: A Carbon Nanotube-based Physically Unclonable Function for secure low-energy hardware design S. T. Choden Konigsmark, Leslie Hwang, Deming Chen, Martin D. F. Wong 2014
Efficient simulation-based optimization of power grid with on-chip voltage regulator Ting Yu, Martin D. F. Wong 2014
Linear time algorithm to find all relocation positions for EUV defect mitigation Yuelin Du, Hongbo Zhang, Qiang Ma, Martin D. F. Wong 2013
An ILP-based automatic bus planner for dense PCBs Pei-Ci Wu, Qiang Ma, Martin D. F. Wong 2013
Network flow modeling for escape routing on staggered pin arrays Pei-Ci Wu, Martin D. F. Wong 2013
Hybrid lithography optimization with E-Beam and immersion processes for 16nm 1D gridded design Yuelin Du, Hongbo Zhang, Martin D. F. Wong, Kai-Yuan Chao 2012
Parallel implementation of R-trees on the GPU Lijuan Luo, Martin D. F. Wong, Lance Leong 2012
Efficient pattern relocation for EUV blank defect mitigation Hongbo Zhang, Yuelin Du, Martin D. F. Wong, Rasit O. Topalaglu 2012
A provably good approximation algorithm for Rectangle Escape Problem with application to PCB routing Qiang Ma, Hui Kong, Martin D. F. Wong, Evangeline F. Y. Young 2011
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Configurable multi-product floorplanning Qiang Ma, Martin D. F. Wong, Kai-Yuan Chao 2010
On process-aware 1-D standard cell design Hongbo Zhang, Martin D. F. Wong, Kai-Yuan Chao 2010
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Ordered escape routing based on Boolean satisfiability Lijuan Luo, Martin D. F. Wong 2008
Coupling-aware Dummy Metal Insertion for Lithography Liang Deng, Martin D. F. Wong, Kai-Yuan Chao, Hua Xiang 2007
Fast and Accurate OPC for Standard-Cell Layouts David M. Pawlowski, Liang Deng, Martin D. F. Wong 2007
Fast Placement Optimization of Power Supply Pads Yu Zhong, Martin D. F. Wong 2007
Efficient Second-Order Iterative Methods for IR Drop Analysis in Power Grid Yu Zhong, Martin D. F. Wong 2007
An exact algorithm for the statistical shortest path problem Liang Deng, Martin D. F. Wong 2006
Closed form solution for optimal buffer sizing using the Weierstrass elliptic function Sebastian Vogel, Martin D. F. Wong 2006
Floorplanning for 3-D VLSI design Lei Cheng, Liang Deng, Martin D. F. Wong 2005
Crowdedness-balanced multilevel partitioning for uniform resource utilization Yongseok Cheon, Martin D. F. Wong 2005
Optimal redistribution of white space for wire length minimization Xiaoping Tang, Ruiqi Tian, Martin D. F. Wong 2005
Redundant-via enhanced maze routing for yield improvement Gang Xu, Li-Da Huang, David Z. Pan, Martin D. F. Wong 2005
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