Author: Andrew B. Kahng    
Paper Titile Authors Year
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New directions for learning-based IC design tools and methodologies Andrew B. Kahng 2018
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Delay uncertainty and signal criticality driven routing channel optimization for advanced DRAM products Samyoung Bang, Kwangsoo Han, Andrew B. Kahng, Mulong Luo 2016
Learning-based prediction of embedded memory timing failures during initial floorplan design Wei-Ting Jonas Chan, Kun Young Chung, Andrew B. Kahng, Nancy D. MacDonald, Siddhartha Nath 2016
Optimization of overdrive signoff Tuck-Boon Chan, Andrew B. Kahng, Jiajia Li, Siddhartha Nath 2013
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Design technology productivity in the DSM era (invited talk) Andrew B. Kahng 2001
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