Author: Chi-Ying Tsui    
Paper Titile Authors Year
Design of a Single-Stage Wireless Charger with 92.3%-Peak-Efficiency for Portable Devices Applications Lin Cheng, Xinyuan Ge, Wai Chiu Ng, Wing-Hung Ki, Jiawei Zheng, Tsz Fai Kwok, Chi-Ying Tsui, Ming Liu 2020
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A high-throughput and energy-efficient RRAM-based convolutional neural network using data encoding and dynamic quantization Xizi Chen, Jingbo Jiang, Jingyang Zhu, Chi-Ying Tsui 2018
A wireless power receiver with a 3-level reconfigurable resonant regulating rectifier for mobile-charging applications Lin Cheng, Wing-Hung Ki, Chi-Ying Tsui 2017
BHNN: A memory-efficient accelerator for compressing deep neural networks with blocked hashing techniques Jingyang Zhu, Zhiliang Qian, Chi-Ying Tsui 2017
LRADNN: High-throughput and energy-efficient Deep Neural Network accelerator using Low Rank Approximation Jingyang Zhu, Zhiliang Qian, Chi-Ying Tsui 2016
A comprehensive and accurate latency model for Network-on-Chip performance analysis Zhiliang Qian, Da-Cheng Juan, Paul Bogdan, Chi-Ying Tsui, Diana Marculescu, Radu Marculescu 2014
A thermal-aware application specific routing algorithm for Network-on-Chip design Zhiliang Qian, Chi-Ying Tsui 2011
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