Author: C.-J. Richard Shi    
Paper Titile Authors Year
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A quasi-newton preconditioned Newton-Krylov method for robust and efficient time-domain simulation of integrated circuits with strong parasitic couplings Zhao Li, C.-J. Richard Shi 2006
A high-throughput low-power fully parallel 1024-bit 1/2-rate low density parity check code decoder in 3-dimensional integrated circuits Lili Zhou, Cherry Wakayama, Nuttorn Jangkrajarng, Bo Hu, C.-J. Richard Shi 2006
An FPGA implementation of low-density parity-check code decoder with multi-rate capability Lei Yang, Manyuan Shen, Hui Liu, C.-J. Richard Shi 2005
Hierarchical extraction and verification of symmetry constraints for analog layout automation Sambuddha Bhattacharya, Nuttorn Jangkrajarng, Roy Hartono, C.-J. Richard Shi 2004
Multiple specifications radio-frequency integrated circuit design with automatic template-driven layout retargeting Nuttorn Jangkrajarng, Sambuddha Bhattacharya, Roy Hartono, C.-J. Richard Shi 2004
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Block-level fault isolation using partition theory and logic minimization techniques C.-J. Richard Shi 1997
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A framework for the analysis and design of algorithms for a class of VLSI-CAD optimization problems C.-J. Richard Shi, Janusz A. Brzozowski 1995